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The Best Vending Machines in Waterbury

Employees prefer snacks, foods and beverages to be on hand to power through a demanding day, so why not provide them? Bees Vending is dedicated to offering the best snacks, food and drink options to energize employees throughout the Waterbury area. These are vended in state of the art machines, from standard snack vending and Coke/Pepsi machines, to ones offering more unique fare, such as cold food vending machines, coffee vending machines and healthy product vending machines. Ask about our subsidized and free vend service agreements to provide an extra fringe benefit to your people.

Premiere Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Waterbury

A great office coffee service for your Waterbury operation is within reach…just contact Bees Vending. We not only install your machines and maintain them regularly, but also stock your break room with everything else you need. We have single-cup brewers and more traditional by-the-pot machines, and all the brands and flavors of coffees and teas you could want. If water quality is an issue in your office, we have that covered with our water filtration services. Our bottleless system plugs right into your water supply to serve filtered water right from the tap.

Franola bars for a quick snack in Connecticut

Bringing Micro-Markets to Waterbury Businesses

The ultimate in vending convenience is here in Waterbury with Bees Vending’s Micro-Market program. Essentially, we install a convenience store right in your office. Hundreds of snacks, foods and beverages fill attractive coolers and racks, custom fit to your unique space. But what really makes a Micro-Market special is the convenience. Customers simply walk in, select the items they want, scan them at the integrated self-service kiosks, and swipe a credit/debit card.

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Break room experts, Bees Vending brings the very best vending and office coffee solutions directly to you.

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